Deanne Morgan

About Deanne

Deanne Morgan was probably the only 11-year-old in Blacksburg, VA in 1973 who owned a two-drawer filing cabinet and files on various interesting and useful topics such as macramé (something she never actually tried), the US Constitution, and her report cards. She was certainly the only kid in her eighth grade English class who absolutely loved researching and writing term papers on Charles Dickens, Lorraine Hansberry, and inhalant allergies. She begged to hang out in the Virginia Tech library on Saturdays.

Since then, Deanne has worked as a judicial law clerk, Chief Compliance Officer at a start-up HMO, a health care lawyer, writer and editor for a publishing company, public library reference librarian, business owner, professional organizer, and professor of legal research at Duke University School of Law.

In 1983, Deanne earned a B.S. in political science from East Tennessee State University. She earned a law degree from Southern Illinois University in 1987, and a master’s degree in library science in 1988 from the University of Illinois, Urbana.

She published several articles in the Journal of Legal Medicine and was, for six years, editor-in-chief for the National Litigation Bureau. There she wrote newsletters for lawyers on topics such as nursing homes, clinical laboratories, pharmaceutical litigation, and bankruptcy. Become an Informed Caregiver: What You Should Know When Caring for an Aging Loved One is her first book.

Deanne lives in Durham, NC where she is currently at work on her next book. She still loves hanging out in libraries.